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SALVATION - 10 minute prog rock epic

1/30/13 by Buoy
Updated 1/30/13

Check it:
Please do leave a comment in the reviews if you can appreciate it. I worked very very hard with this

High quality download here:

SALVATION - 10 minute prog rock epic


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2/4/13 Buoy responds:

Nooooooooooooo D:

So you're NOT ditching it?

2/3/13 (Updated 2/3/13) Buoy responds:

oh my god. just because im not using it anymore doesn't mean it's not mine. you can't just

But you ditched it so it's not yours anymore

2/3/13 Buoy responds:

yea it is

Nooooooooooooo D:

2/3/13 Buoy responds:

yes c:

Wait. If you're ditching the ==()== thing, can I use it? :3

2/3/13 (Updated 2/3/13) Buoy responds:


You have 902 more fans than me. :< I'm so jelly.



This submission deserves a front page slot.
Impressive work!


-What will you do?-


So even though you're treating this as your Magnum Opus, keep pushing yourself. I think you've just discovered the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you're capable of. Keep going with it, and you're gonna stumble across something really, really good.

2/1/13 Buoy responds:

Oh hey, thanks a lot for your thoughts!

Of course it's not my Magnum Opus in any sense, that would be awful, it's just a month's work and I'm still what, 18. It's just my best thing yet. I'll admit the title and description are pretentious enough to make it seem that way though :) I'm also aware that it isn't strictly progressive rock, that's just the closest thing I can think of (and prog rock listeners are the types I'd like to have listening to it).

I'd say overall a good job. The main reason I was interested to hear this when I saw your post in the Artist News, is that most music in the Newgrounds Audio Portal is electronic, and modern electronic music doesn't get to hang out with prog as much as I would like.

My main question before hearing this (assuming it would be electronic), was whether or not you would be embracing the sound and aesthetics of electronic music and putting them into a progressive context, or if you'd still be thinking in terms of traditional prog rock and trying to write songs that would work better with actual guitars and shit.
I was surprised that it landed somewhere in the middle; you were still rocking midi guitar and bass, but a lot of the body of the song came from all this textural, ambient, Brian-Eno-type mish, which worked really well.

The song managed to remain listenable for the 10 minutes, though strangely enough it didn't feel super diverse or full of different sections, and I haven't come away remembering any of the melodies and stuff, so I think a lot of the long-term listenability came from the ambient element that was running all through it. If you were aiming for more of a prog rock vibe then I'm assuming you were aiming for more individual-sounding sections, however if I ignore what you might have been 'going for' and take it at face value, it still holds up quite well.

If I think about artists that identify as prog which I'd find this similiar to, I find myself leaning towards mostly Porcupine Tree and Tool, or space-rock things like Pink Floyd. I'd say you've managed a similar aesthetic to these guys (while embracing the electronic aspect of your music very neatly), however less of the structurally complex stuff that is technically 'progressive'. It's more prog than it is progressive, I'd probably say. And that's completely cool if that's what you're trying to achieve, but if you want it to be structurally progressive rather than having a prog aesthetic, you're gonna have to do some more clever fucky time-signature things. That's only if you want it to fit into a certain classification though, it isn't necessary to make the music strong.

So once again, overall a good job. It's not super great, but I'm judging it based on my universal music standards, rather than just my Newgrounds audio portal standards. You've very much transcended that.

I'm glad you like my face. It's quite lovely isn't it



That song doesn't have horns in it, Skye. In fact it doesn't even have any brass at all.


1/31/13 (Updated 1/31/13) Buoy responds:


Nice horns.

1/31/13 Buoy responds:

nice FACE.