The Remix-What-You-Want contest (free money!) + couple of songs

2013-03-27 10:07:55 by Buoy

Hey music people, you should all go join this particular Newgrounds contest where all you have to do is to make a cover of some Newgrounds song and if it's good you might get money for it!

Also here are some fairly old songs I've submitted lately, they are tasty:


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2013-03-27 13:26:52

shouldn't it be a cover, not a remix?

Anyway, I'm trying to do Solace. Do have other options. It's quite a challenge to cover your music.

Buoy responds:

I said cover in the text, remix in the title, since the word remix has more sex appeal! I can give you some midis or whatever if you want some help to get started


2013-03-27 14:15:59

You know, i seriously consider making a cover of your Liquid Edge. It will depend on how good i actually do with it.

Buoy responds:

oh god that song is so old and awful :P


2013-03-27 17:23:36

Weed is bad for you

Buoy responds:

how high do you have to be to think that's even a remotely relevant response


2013-03-27 18:47:42

Id like to remix "Islet"
But you can make me happy with some midis :333
I can eventually try to do the remix by ear... but it would take too long for meee. I suck at that.


(Updated ) Buoy responds:

Here are the bits that are midi in a convenient format, the rest of the song is guitar and drums etc which is audio. Remove the space between 2ad and r5m r5m0sl5l/Islet.mid

please use midi responsibly


2013-03-28 02:18:10

I might copy and paste a track that SBB made.

Buoy responds:



2013-03-28 08:42:34

Thank you very much!


2013-03-29 00:58:25

dood dont sell yourself short, some of your really old tracks from 2007 where good, in their catchy simplicity even if they don't have the sophisticated sound design and layered intricacies that your pieces have now.


2013-04-06 16:50:25

Oh god, why did I miss this contest. Definitely worth remixing your music. Do you have the midi for Mesmerized?

(Updated ) Buoy responds:

That song is mostly recorded things so the only MIDI stuff in the song is some simple bass, strings and bells, here you go: l4sqkjdq/Mesmerized%20melodicthin gs.mid

(remove that last space)