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2013-01-10 11:16:48 by Buoy

I've begun doing some album stuff and as such I made a Facebook page that YOU SHOULD ALL GO AND LIKE:

I also made a little guitar solo-based song called Feathers to which you should listen and on which you should vote 5

I'm also making a song for Bosa's Dreams of Splendor contest! It will necessarily be my best song ever. I have about 8 minutes worth of song already so this should be a pretty epic one. Keep tuned and I shall post it here in a few weeks.


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2013-01-10 12:14:05

Wish you luck in the contest and releasing your album.

Buoy responds:



2013-01-10 16:17:54

Holy crap, you already have 8 minutes? I feel like you're way ahead of me. Damnit 5 hours of schoolwork per night.

Buoy responds:

Yeah well it's mostly a framework :) But I found myself being fantastically productive and inspired


2013-01-10 16:54:08

Why the hell are Norwegians always ahead everyone else?

Buoy responds:



2013-01-10 18:35:48

Yes well I still only have a minute and 20 seconds, only something like 1/5 of what I'm planning at most. I WISH I had as much time to make it as fast as you. ...granted we make our music in completely different ways, it seems.

Buoy responds:

just let it... happen, maan


2013-01-10 21:32:35

Woooooo, I'm about done with my first section. Sweet-o.


2013-01-15 10:18:53

Loving the top hat.

Buoy responds:

you should get one for yourself!


2013-01-28 16:00:30

You sir, have a wonderful collection of hats.

Buoy responds:

I spent 2 hours making tons of these

I'll wear a new one every couple of weeks


2013-01-29 17:58:10

Your profile picture looks lifesaving.