2013-02-14 03:18:58 by Buoy

Chrome Sparks once made a fairly popular song called Marijuana. After being covered and remixed a few steps, I ended up being able to slap my name on a version of it. More about the attribution is in the author description for the song below:


I'm not gonna get you weed though, in case that was what the title made you think. SORRY ABOUT THAT. Song is good though.

Other stuff potentially worth mentioning:
I made this 10 minute proggyrock song and won the Dreams of Splendor contest with it, to magnificent applause

I made this sweet jazz tune with lots of help from camoshark and his band. It has everything: flutes, guitars, pianos, trumpets, bass clarinets, and so on, what more can you really ask for?

And I have thousands of fans! Well, only about 0.99 thousands currently but THAT'S SOMETHING TOO ISN'T IT. :c You should probably go like my Facebook page now to cheer me up.


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2013-02-14 03:25:33

That's awesome, dude!


2013-02-14 03:51:57

Can I get that weed ?


2013-02-14 09:33:01

yeah man, dont bogart the stash bro


2013-02-14 23:08:08

Weed is the key to life man!