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Hey man check this out

2012-10-24 14:32:47 by Buoy


made some house with a friend. It gets pretty neat after a couple of minutes.

Today is new alt account day

2012-10-09 19:07:36 by Buoy

I just made a new account for either things that are either experimental, minimalist or very ambient, or just stuff that I enjoy but can't see myself submitting here in general.

If you're interested, go follow Trawl. If you want a preview of the kind of stuff I might submit there, listen to this.


2012-10-01 04:58:27 by Buoy

i made some smooth-ass jazz chillout shiet. FUKKEN CHECK IT

Also if you like it HIT THIS LINK LIKE IT JUST THREATENED YO NEW BORN GUINEA PIG and you'll get a little update from the star shaped thing at the top next time I post a music


2012-09-16 14:03:35 by Buoy


It has acoustic guitars and all sorts of shit in it. What else do I even write here? Click the above link and listen to it, person who reads this news post.


2012-09-05 15:46:07 by Buoy

Ambient music at that.
Subpolar; Sublime


2012-09-01 17:42:27 by Buoy

I finished a few songs today. Finally I got to strike off some entries in my unsurmountable list of works in progress.

Whatever - an excessively laidback classic rock groove
Navigator - a bit more upbeat, chillout inspired. Has some cool guitar rhythm things in the last half

Also go listen to my collabs with Masq aka jpbear because they're good:
The Flumps

I finally finished a song

2012-07-07 10:51:53 by Buoy


and another one! I'm on a roll am I not

' « »


2012-05-29 15:14:30 by Buoy

Just for fun, I'm putting out a bit of my gargantuan folder of WIPs here. Give me feedback in this news post if you want! And hit me up on PM if you want to collab with me so I can get one of them done lol.

The Stormdance - Classy as fuck boss battle music.
Steampunk Animals - Science soundtrack something.
Deep Trigger - playing around with the overtone series. The bassline is a rising overtone series that "wraps around" - it goes one octave deeper beyond a certain threshold. And all the harmonics are obviously part of the overtone series. Probably won't finish this unless someone gives me cool ideas.
Gods of the Sand - I love this tune but I've lost momentum in my songwriting. Maybe I'll get some motivation for songwriting this summer.
Initiate - Couldn't get this finished for the april metal MAC. I've had the melody in my head for a while and I'm a big fan of 5/4 so I would love to have it finished some day. Maybe if I could get a competent guitar player hehe.
Vortex - same situation as above. Metulz with breakbeats
Mirrors in the Snow - same situation as Gods of the Sand. :(
Blooming - chillout
Endless Forms - chillout
instagram pics of bridges - hipsterwave
These will be on my upcoming album Watercraft and won't be published at least until NG makes it possible to disable downloads:
and whatever lies beyond

New music - Fractal Fluid

2012-05-16 14:22:29 by Buoy

New music. I made it. Listen to it

and then i made another song

My guitar tone

2012-04-29 11:42:45 by Buoy

This is it

Within this .zip archive is a Guitar Rig 4 patch that I made once and have continued to use in all my songs for over a year. In its basic form, it adds a certain smoothness and sweetness to your DI signal and suddenly your guitar fits right into the mix (that has at least always been the case for me). Enable the Psychedelay unit at the bottom and you have yourself a really wide stereo field. Enable the Octaverb unit as well and you have a huge ambient guitar texture that is still useable in most guitar-centric tunes.