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the most ambitious crossover event in history

I'm not sure what it was about but it's just so wonderful. Love the style and especially the very cat-like movements.

I'm confused. Why is this funny? Is there a backstory, some context? Is this a parody of a) the humor of eight year old boys and 2) the particularly awful and bland humor which consists of randomness for the sake of randomness? The animation and voice is neat, but both seem wasted on something so nauseatingly unfunny.

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nyanbread op

rhys510 responds:

its a rare spawn dude >u<

I enjoyed it. I would recommend scaling down the difficulty on the first mission because after you get past that, the game is very fun, especially with those fighting perks

This is pretty cool but the following things make it no fun:

- Boat travel isn't possible
- The automatic roads between new cities aren't cool, I want to see civilizations "discover" each other
- groups of cities don't naturally form countries and fight wars
- brush size controls don't seem to work in Chrome?
- occasionally I miss and hit R

some other features that have been suggested would be neat too.

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The arrangement and vocals are beautiful, and you did a great job making them jam together. Most of the instrumentation is nice (not sure about the accordion), but it does sound more computery than it needs to since every note is right on the grid and there is little/no variation when motifs are repeated. The vocals help a lot with improving that though :)

Did you win?

Step responds:

BUOY holy crap it's been too long! Nice to see you around again.

It does sound kinda computerised. You're not the first to bring that up! We're probably making another version of this with clearer vocals and a few other changes, so we'll likely look into that.

We did win, results were announced in the below video! (the top contenders were announced 11 minutes in, and 19 minutes in the winner was announced)

So that's pretty cool.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you're doing well.

Good music. The harmony is fun (but not very varied). The melody is sometimes solid, but in some places it's just kind of slavishly following the chord progression and not really holding up on its own. Nice sounds and mix, with the snappy drums, juicy filtered synths, tasty basslines and all. I think the song would be much stronger if you compacted it down to 4 minutes or even less by cutting a lot of the ambient noodling in the first half, because it takes ages to get going. The longer version makes for good background music though.

SkyeWint responds:

Oh damn, hey man! Where have you been?

Sadly, that is the case in the beginning. Maybe if we had the time to make a more consistent and developed theme, that would have been awesome. This was about 5 days of writing and 2 days of mixing.

Oh well. It's good to see ya, glad that you enjoyed it at least! (btw, i have another song you might enjoy more which I did alone but spent a lot more time on - Reflection.)

This is music.

Father-of-Death responds:

That's true.

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Otto responds:

Thanks man!


good dragon.

how cool

I like your trademark glowy colours and also what hit me was the "time" theme with the past represented by the simple rowboat, the present represented by the bridges and the future represented by the sci-fi ish view and the planet. IMO. idk.

And I love the backstory to it. I would love to have a big habitable sister planet instead of a shitty rock satelite.

Kamikaye responds:

THx :)

Well , thats life lol :D But maybe one of the stars has a habitable planet. Or maybe the moon is hollow inside.

welcome to bluegrounds :))

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