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glorious time signatures

2010-10-07 17:14:16 by Buoy

jesus christ. Just had a brief look at my latest musical ideas:

childish house song about stopping the banjo, in 7/8 time
metal riff in 10/8
metal riff in 10/8 with triplets
metal riff in 11/8 then 13/8 then 15/8 (ie 5+6 then 6+7 then 7+8)
metal riff in omg I don't even know anymore
minimalist chillout music in 5/4
guitar ballad in 9/8 and 6/8
ambient rock in 6/8
ambient industrial steampunk music in 5/4

I have it all recorded as fingers-on-leg percussion and humming on my phone.

what the hell have I been doing, nobody will want to listen to that, I need help

Writing songs about marine debris

2010-09-25 09:39:54 by Buoy

That's what I do these days

Something new, something really new

2010-09-16 13:27:10 by Buoy

==(Shadow People)==

New song. Kinda ambient, kinda rock. Mostly in a 9/8 time signature. Making it was pretty hard work. Anyway, some visual stuffs I put together for it:

Something new, something really new


2010-08-23 16:14:48 by Buoy

That's right

New song with sorohanro in it, yessir

2010-08-04 04:37:27 by Buoy

What is that, you ask? A midtempo jazzy chillout song with none other than Newgrounds' own sorohanro in it? What is that I hear? You can simply not wait to get your ears on it?


Edit: you know the song is good if 100% of the people who favourited the song are Tom Fulp

New song with sorohanro in it, yessir

Surprisingly awesome music

2010-07-14 05:15:47 by Buoy


You know you want to because I tell you, this is the good stuff. Cue album art

Surprisingly awesome music

Why Germany is better than you

2010-04-24 17:59:53 by Buoy

They have better music than you.

And their language is better than yours.

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Something new!

2010-01-20 10:39:23 by Buoy


Well, I managed to churn out a new piece of music to submit. According to my calculations, it is probably groovier and objectively better than whatever else you've heard in the audio portal lately, so you may just want to listen, vote and review it till the end of time. For your own good.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /305517

In case you missed it, here's a link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /305517

this is kinda low level standup but I found it abnormally amusing for some reason

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I just had a sudden realization

2009-12-23 10:27:24 by Buoy

I just realized that the electric bass guitar is by definition the best instrument ever